Charley Varrick

October 27, 2009

charley_varrick Apart from Dirty Harry, Charley Varrick is another film that is directed by Don Siegel. Despite the fact that these two movies are both crime dramas, I also found that there are some similarities hidden in the films, for example; the use of female characters and also a sense of film noir in the movies. First of all, I think it is fair and safe enough to say (in here) that Don Siegel does not focus much on the role of female. For me it seems like the women are there only to support the ideas of film noir. They are used in the film as either a sexual symbol or someone that receives the impact of violence. For instance, Dirty Harry does not even have the main actress within the film! the only reason female (extra) characters were used in this film is to show to nudity which emphasizes the stereotype of Harry. Now for Charley Varrick, same as Dirty Harry there are also scenes that use women as a sexual symbol, such as the scene where Molly is entering a brothel, and the passport-making scene where we have a sexy-looking passport maker. Charley Varrick’s wife, Nadine, who we may count as the main actress (?) is also died at the very beginning of the film. It’s not that she is only shot by a gun but Varrick himself has also burned her right after she passed away (to be honest, I’m not even sure if she has already died or not, since it was so obvious to see that she was still breathing when Charley is taking of the ring from her finger). however, this shows and supports the idea of Charley is following the code (the code of crime drama), he left his wife burning, he also did not care about his partner (the scorpio guy from Dirty Harry) and therefore, it leads him to success in his criminal career.


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