Breathless or A bout de souffle is another french film I’ve watched and still can’t figure myself out whether it’s just me or that all of the french films have such perfect lighting and framing. However, I have to admit that the film was a little bit confusing to watch at the beginning because of all the jump cuts that seem to occur so often. And to be honest I don’t really understand why they are there, the only reason I can possibly guess is that maybe the directer, Jean-Luc Godard, intentionally put them there to represent the life of Michel which is unexpected and also it can’t really be controlled. He starts off with the car thief then jumps to the murderer role and somehow ends up being a lover who is almost for the whole film trying to persuade the main actress (Patricia) to sleep with him and run away to Rome with him.

Anyways, to ME, it seems that in the scene where Michel and Patricia are both in the hotel together, jump cuts do not appear anymore. There is a very very long shot that contains no cut at all when Michel is talking to Patricia, the camera movement works really fine with all the tilts and pans from Michel’s face to Patricia’s face. It gives me the feeling here that Patricia is the one who gets to control Michel, and for the whole film it is just like that, Michel is the one who chases over Patricia. For Patricia, she controls everything, even the life of Michel.

The relationship of them reminds me a bit of before sunrise and before sunset. Maybe it’s just me again who feel like that. the relationship of Michel and Patricia is loose, it seems like they are in love but once you look again you don’t really know if they are in love or not. Same as the relationship of Jesse  and Celine (Before Sunrise and Before Sunset) the love of them looks more like they are having a good time together, they don’t know if things will change in the next minute or not and they don’t really care about it.


Scream (I)

November 17, 2009

Scream has picked up the ideas of horror, thriller, crime, mystery and mixed them all up together as a one good film. Apart from the fact that it is a horror/ thriller film, this film is also added a little sense of humors within itself as well. To compare with the last film we have watched it class together, the original halloween, it is obvious to see that as time went by, there are many elements that have been changed and developed. For example, Scream is way bloodier than Halloween, the household technology becomes one of the important subject in the film. Even though we had some scenes that showed the use of telephone in Halloween (when Laurie is picking a phone and hearing her friend dying but she actually though her friend was having sex).

However, the telephone becomes much more powerful in Scream as it is how the killers use to reach to their victims. Another thing that makes Scream different from Halloween is that all the main characters do have inner conflicts and back stories. Sidney Prescott, Billy Loomis and Gale Weathers are sharing this same linked back story and which the audience get to understand it at the end of the film.

But there are also rules of the horror film that both Scream and Halloween did follow perfectly the example for this is the idea of the virginity. All the innocent ones get to survive and the rest just have to die. The idea of using government (in this case ‘the police officer) as a symbolic of something incapable, Dewey is nice but somehow he always accidentally shocked other characters in Scream, he is also sort of hopeless, he does not help anything or anyone really. We as the audience always get the sense of how his sister, Tatum Riley, seems to have the power over him, even when he is at the police station.

The Terminator [1984]

November 9, 2009

One of the best well known action movies of all times, directed by James Cameron and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn. Without any doubt the red robotic eye along with the silver skeleton have became one of the remarkable elements of the film that were continued to be used over and over again in the other episodes of the Terminator.

The first thing that is nice about The Terminator 1 is that even though it is an(a) action/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller, still the main character that drives the story in this film is a female. Sarah corner, the girl who fails to fit in the society she is living somehow becomes the reason that the cyborg and one man are sent back from the future, one aim is to kill and the other is to protect.

Sarah Corner’s character arc is obvious. At the beginning of the film we see her as a normal girl who just wants to make a live, she even says to Reese (the man that is sent to protect) he might misunderstood or something, she has no belief in herself and also has lack of hope at the same rime. However, as the story gets further, she changes. There are many scenes that support this idea for example the scene where she makes bombs for Reese, the driving scene and definitely the ending scene where she destroys the terminator by herself. I also like the point that apart from the males, this movie has shown that females can also represent the braveness and the strength too.

For Reese, al though he is counted as the hero for this film (even though he dies at the end), however we can still see so many soft sides of him, he expresses his feeling to Sarah a lot, and the more he speaks, it’s just like we receiving more pains and emotions from him. But it makes sense a lot if we look back a bit and focus on one of the main points of this movie, was it about the contrast of the cyborg and the human beings? on in the easier words, the robot and the soul?

Los Cronocrimenes or Timecrimes directed by Nacho Vigalondo proves that an excellent  science fiction film does not have to come with the word ‘high budget’. Nacho Vigalondo did a great job for telling. Although the plot for Timcrimes seem to be complex and easy to get misunderstood, the director still managed to get it done beautifully. The theme of this film is about looping back in time, which is very simple but classic in a way. I assume that another thing Nacho Vigalondo has pointed out to the audience in this film is about how a man can create such problem which later on causes him to solve it all by himself. It is also very easy to notice the character arc within this film. Hector one as a dummy and it goes up to Hector three, the killer. etc.
At the beginning of the film there was no sign of Sci-Fi it in but once it reaches ACT 2 the audience now realize that they are actually watching a film where the informations are being given bit by bit. There was no rapid cut or even a fast pace in this film but still the film does grab the audience attention.
However apart from the fact that Timecrimes seems to have a complex plot, I still think that the film is a little bit easy to predict. The audience start to get the idea of double up characters since we have Hector 2 and still the story keeps going on with this point and reaches Hector 3. So for me I think it’s more like watching something you’ve already understood but you are still watching it because you want to know how well and smooth the director would link it all up. In conclude, the film is nice, it was easy to watch and understand even though it is complex.