Los cronocrímenes [TimeCrimes]

November 4, 2009

Los Cronocrimenes or Timecrimes directed by Nacho Vigalondo proves that an excellent  science fiction film does not have to come with the word ‘high budget’. Nacho Vigalondo did a great job for telling. Although the plot for Timcrimes seem to be complex and easy to get misunderstood, the director still managed to get it done beautifully. The theme of this film is about looping back in time, which is very simple but classic in a way. I assume that another thing Nacho Vigalondo has pointed out to the audience in this film is about how a man can create such problem which later on causes him to solve it all by himself. It is also very easy to notice the character arc within this film. Hector one as a dummy and it goes up to Hector three, the killer. etc.
At the beginning of the film there was no sign of Sci-Fi it in but once it reaches ACT 2 the audience now realize that they are actually watching a film where the informations are being given bit by bit. There was no rapid cut or even a fast pace in this film but still the film does grab the audience attention.
However apart from the fact that Timecrimes seems to have a complex plot, I still think that the film is a little bit easy to predict. The audience start to get the idea of double up characters since we have Hector 2 and still the story keeps going on with this point and reaches Hector 3. So for me I think it’s more like watching something you’ve already understood but you are still watching it because you want to know how well and smooth the director would link it all up. In conclude, the film is nice, it was easy to watch and understand even though it is complex.


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