The Terminator [1984]

November 9, 2009

One of the best well known action movies of all times, directed by James Cameron and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn. Without any doubt the red robotic eye along with the silver skeleton have became one of the remarkable elements of the film that were continued to be used over and over again in the other episodes of the Terminator.

The first thing that is nice about The Terminator 1 is that even though it is an(a) action/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller, still the main character that drives the story in this film is a female. Sarah corner, the girl who fails to fit in the society she is living somehow becomes the reason that the cyborg and one man are sent back from the future, one aim is to kill and the other is to protect.

Sarah Corner’s character arc is obvious. At the beginning of the film we see her as a normal girl who just wants to make a live, she even says to Reese (the man that is sent to protect) he might misunderstood or something, she has no belief in herself and also has lack of hope at the same rime. However, as the story gets further, she changes. There are many scenes that support this idea for example the scene where she makes bombs for Reese, the driving scene and definitely the ending scene where she destroys the terminator by herself. I also like the point that apart from the males, this movie has shown that females can also represent the braveness and the strength too.

For Reese, al though he is counted as the hero for this film (even though he dies at the end), however we can still see so many soft sides of him, he expresses his feeling to Sarah a lot, and the more he speaks, it’s just like we receiving more pains and emotions from him. But it makes sense a lot if we look back a bit and focus on one of the main points of this movie, was it about the contrast of the cyborg and the human beings? on in the easier words, the robot and the soul?


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