ACT 1 treatment.

February 4, 2010

It was 10.00 o’clock in the morning, someone was knocking on the door. Jake Miller was still sleeping on the conch in his dark bedroom where light could hardly get through the thick curtains. An empty pizza box and a half-full coca-cola bottle were still in the same place as they were last night, as well as the original Halloween DVD’s cover and the Nikon camera. The knocking sound started to get harder and harder. Jake began to hear it but still his body was not yet ready to get up. It took him about 5 seconds to roll his body up and another 5 seconds to get himself out of the warm comfy couch. Jake walked drowsily and opened the door. It was the lady who owes the apartment, requesting for the extremely late payment of Jake’s. By listening to her complaining he suddenly realized he got the job interview appointment today and he was already late for it. He ended the conversation hastily and ran back into his bedroom and got change. Right before he left he opened up all the curtains, the strong sunbeam that came through windows made his room look totally different than before. Jake took his camera, put it in the bag and left.

He sat still in the interview room. In front of him there were three men looking at his works that were on the table. Jake hated to put himself into this situation where he could do nothing but waiting for someone else to decide his destiny. But since he had been broke for a while, and so far none of the companies that he applied had accepted him yet. This company became his only hope he got left. After a long moment of discomfiture, three men raised their heads up and smiled at each other. After that moment, Jake then no longer was an employed man, as he became a new cameraman of this small production house company.

He walked out of the interview room with the different feeling comparing to the one before he walked in. Everything in the office seemed to be brighter and friendlier, even the same goldfish in a tank did look more interesting for him. He walked out of the office and took his camera out of the bag. For him taking photo was like writing a diary. Everyday he would take at least a shot of something that was the highlight of the day, of cause; the highlight of today couldn’t be anything else but his new job. He looked through the viewfinder everything was clear and perfect. He pushed the shutter but suddenly one brunette lady stepped into the frame. She turned around and said nothing but the way he bended down her head a little bit gave Jake a little sense that she was saying sorry. Jake did not have a chance to say anything back to her, as she disappeared quickly into the office.

They met each other again on the next. Her name was Kate and it turned out she was his partner. Nothing much happened for the first day; Kate sort of showed him where everything was and how things worked here. At the end of the day, Jake was given a DV camera and a task to complete within a week. While he was on the way home, he tried to think of what he was going to shoot but then stopped. There were plenty of times left, he thought. He walked into his apartment and closed all the curtains leaving the room dark and silent. He walked straight to the couch and took a deep sleep.

It was Saturday and Jake decided to start the shooting. He took out the DV camera and put the DV tape in. Then he tried to go to the shoot mode but he accidently went to the play mode. Surprisingly, the tape contained something. He tried to identify what it was but it wasn’t so easy with all the dark lighting and the shaking camera movement. He then started to hear the woman’s voice crying and mumbling, the crying got more and more panic and turned into the painful scream.


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