Outline [Act 1]

February 8, 2010

–       Jake sleeping on a big couch facing down, the room appears dark- knocking sound comes from off screen, pizza box and coca-cola bottle are on the floor, Halloween DVD cover and Nikon camera are on the table.

–       Jake starts to hear the knocking, he pulls the blanket over his head, pauses for a while, the knocking sound from the off screen continues. Jake rolls himself up-pulls the blanket out off his face and sighs.

–       Jake stands up and walks drowsily to the door, passes a lot of photos that are on the wall.

–       He opens up the door, sees the lady who owes the apartment.

–       While listening to the lady complaining Jake then realizes he has a job interview. He turns his head to look at the clock and finds out he is going to be late. He then panicky rushes the conversation and closes the door.

–       He runs back in and gets change as fast as he can, he also opens up all the big curtains, suddenly the strong sunbeam gets in and brighten up his entire room.

–       He grabs his camera and puts it in the back and runs out of his bright room.

– – – – – – – – – – –

–       He sits still opposite three men that are looking at his work on the table.

–       Three men raise their heads up and look at each other, then one of them turn to Jake and start the dialogue.

–       Jake walks out of the building, smiling. He takes his camera out of the bag and turns back to the building.

–       He looks through the viewfinder and pushes the shutter.

–       A brunette girl walks pass the frame

–       Jake raises his head up and looks at the girl.

–       The girl bends her head as if she is saying sorry to Jake, and without saying a word she walks into the building.

–       Jake doesn’t really mind. Just confuses a little bit.

–       Jake enters the door, finds out the girl he met yesterday and one of the men he met at the interview room are standing and waiting for him.

–       A man introduces a girl (Kate) to Jake, and says that she is his partner.

–       Kate shows Jake around the office. They spend time together for a whole day.

–       Jake walks back to his table, finds that there is a video camera on the table. The boss walks in and asks him to do the shooting task, which is due in a week.

– Jake keeps thinking about what he is going to shoot; however he quits thinking at the end.

–       Jake gets into his room, closes the curtains, the room suddenly appears dark again.

–       He walks to his couch and lays himself on it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

–       A bright sunny day, Jake is outside at the park with the video camera.

–       He sits down on a bench and tries to understand the function of the camera.

–       He accidently turns on the play mode, and sees some record it in.

–       He gets a little bit surprise as he didn’t expect to see any footage in the camera,

–       The footage is very low in quality, it’s dark and sharking however Jake tries to identify what it is, he keeps looking at it then he starts to hear the voice of woman crying and from the crying it turns into the painful scream. Jake feels a little bit strange here. For some reason the voice of her sound very similar to him, however he can’t recognize it.


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