August 12, 2011

So today was the first full-day study of this trip, unlike yesterday where we had the free morning section for the Chapman University and the Old Town Orange tour. We started off with a producing presentation class where I had to face with tons of numbers and charges on the papers that were provided by the instructor. I have to admit that I’m not so good at this but still most of the information I received was considered as very useful. For example we got to check out the worldwide gross and as well as the 2010 box office performance for six major studios, basically this course focus mainly on how can we make money out of this business. One of the method she showed us is to make a deal with the producer: you ask for a very little amount of money (around 30 billion dollars, she said nowadays it’s nothing) but then once the movie starts to make profit, a very first dollar and so on will be completely yours. To be honest, I admit that this class gives us pretty good advises and techniques but I find it might be a little bit hard to apply it to myself since most of the techniques were to basically make a hardcore Hollywood type of film which is not really my style at all. Yet, it was nice getting to know the information she gave. Later on we went straight to a marketing class and I’m not going to lie, it was very hard for me to stay concentrate. The instructor was really nice but for me he seemed to move on kinda fast, plus he mostly mentions on the elements that based on TV channels (I don’t really watch TV that much I guess) besides, I was starving already. So… pass. After lunch we got a directing workshop II, it was pretty much like an acting class we had back in Thailand but I think it was because of the atmosphere here, the setting and all, made it much easier for us not to lose our focus. I was very impressed on how the instructors manage to get us work on really fast without pushing us or forcing us to act out.


Btw, I ended up my birthday watching cowboys vs. aliens.. and Bryan if you are reading this, I’m sure we both agree that this movie is really is a legend.


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