August 12, 2011

We started our first audio post-production for film class this morning, many topics were the same as the topics we learnt we out audio communication class, However there were also come interesting parts that I found it very useful and I even had a feeling like I might be able to bring it up and use it later on for my next projects. Dan Pavelin, the professor showed us a short clip from a movie ‘Jerry Maguire’ the scene where Tom cruise is quitting is job and Rene Zellweger decides to go with him (same clip we were shown in our intro to film class or film analysis class..I can’t remember) right after the walked out of the frame, the director chose to add the sound of an elevator in and once we hear it is closed, everyone in that office id rushing back to work. I don’t know if other people find this interesting or not but for me this is totally smart! It’s epic! I was like… how come I never thought of this technique before? In one shot the audience get to understand it all that they have already left the floor. You add a little extra sound in which is all can be done very quickly in post but at the same time you save perhaps a half day working on set and as well as your budget. I’M SO USING IT! (if it happens to suit my project though). Anyways.. then we moved to Motion cap. (Actually before that we had a short break for our snack time, thanks for arranging it. It really did help us a lot J). Well, motion cap was nice, looked fun and interesting. It was a good experience although I don’t really fancy much about technology since I’m already bad at them but this was cool, worth watching and learning. Followed by a visual effect class was a brain crash for me. Actually I think I make it sounds too bad when I put it in this way, the class was fine though. I just didn’t get much of them. I only got the ideas that there are many types of CG (if I didn’t mistaken it). For the directing workshop III we were introduced to some…machines. One of them was amazing it allowed us to transform out footage from one medium to another, says from a DVtape to DVD without having to capture or burn or anything. The machine just does it all for us. After that we got to played some scene.. did some shooting and switching. It was cool.


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