Character Design & Back story

Jake Miller

Jake is a 31 year old, 6 ft tall American citizen who has been a long term employed. He currently lives by himself in the small rented apartment that located in California. His parents are still alive, however the relationship between Jake and them is not so close, they only see each other once a year or even less. Jake is not the type of people who expects a lot in life, he just lives his life day by day without planing for the future. He is a risk taker, and despite from the fact that jake seems to be such an unorganized guy, still, there are some certain things that can really pull out his attention. First of all, he is a big fan of the young british artists. He loves all the wild- art works. His most favorite artist of all time is Damien Hirst, and his favorite artwork is the one that’s called “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home” where Hirst actually sliced the whole body of a big and stuffed it in the glass box, showing all the entrails that are still in the pig’s body. So basically, Jake likes art a lot but again he is also interested in the human and animal biology. When he was young he once cut out his own dead goldfish, only to know what all the entrails look like inside that little fish. He was going to do exactly the same for his dog but then his father took it away, so unfortunately Jake didn’t get a chance to take the guts out of that poor dog.

It’s very hard to find him dress in a formal style. He usually wears plain t-shirt and jeans. However this becomes his style and it is the way people recognize him.

Jake doesn’t really believe in marriage. He doesn’t even think about it that much. Yes, his sexual orientation is straight, he does like girls but he just doesn’t look for a serious relationship. He loves his freedom. He loves to have his private world and he doesn’t feel like sharing it to anyone just yet.

He likes .. .

– watching horror movies

– taking photos ( He takes his camera to everywhere he goes )

– rock music

– black and grey color

– spagetti meatball

– cheese burger

– pizza

– coke

– girls

– his couch

– etc .. .

For Character Reference..

I’m not so sure about it yet, I’ve been searching for the photo but haven’t got the perfect one.

pretty much what I am searching for is a guy who has sharp mysterious eyes (like Wentworth Miller), messy hair style (Robert Pattinson, maybe? but then he is too young to be my 31 year-old Jake)

so … . basically, Old Robert Pattinson+Wentworth Miller’s eyes = Jake Miller. =)

** pics can’t be uploaded


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